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Symbolized by the Ram, Aries is ambitious, bold and spontaneous. Impulsive by nature, this sign may sometimes regret its hasty actions. As an aggressive risk taker, Aries makes for an exciting companion and fierce competitor. In their personal relations, Arians are forthright and candid, proving to be honest and generous friends. Mentally, they are quick-witted and intellectual, belying a sometimes-foolhardy disposition. Aries can benefit from suppressing its "act first, think later" tendencies and accepting a little patience into its life.
The Dragon, a bright and resolute sign, knows exactly what it wants and will exercise everything in its power to attain it. One of the most powerful and lucky signs, the Dragon exudes a genuinely charming charisma and is often the center of attention in social situations. While its ego can sometimes serve as a stumbling block, power is what the Dragon craves, and for good reason; dragons are opportunists, continuously searching for ways in which to strengthen their clout. To benefit from a more relaxed approach to life, Dragons should embody the principles of compassion and tolerance, and learn to balance their endeavors with an appreciation for the little things. The most compatible match for a Dragon is the Monkey or the Rat.
Profile ID: 498470 
Age: 33
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 139 lbs.
City: Dnepropetrovsk - Learn More about Dnepropetrovsk!
Country: Ukraine
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Religion: n/a
English Skill: Fluent (Speaks fluently, although may speak with an accent)
Drinks: n/a
Smokes: n/a
Primary Career: n/a
Marital Status: Never Been Married
Children: Unknown
Wants Children: Unknown
About Me: I?m single young lady who?s looking for her true happiness in this big world. First of all I?m formed person with my own opinion and views. I?m very emotional, lively and energetic. I?m like sunshine, I also can make every day brighter and I try to take from life all the best. Sometimes I can be stubborn, but only ?cause I used to achieve my goals and get what I want. I don?t like to cook and I want my man to love and appreciate me not for my ability to cook, but for the wonderful woman and person I am. I like to dance, to go to the gym and to keep myself fit. I?m very kind and caring I love animals, that?s why I?m a member of society protecting animals. Also I love kids and I want to meet a man for whom I?ll be ready to bear children. I know that I will be faithful and caring, the best wife he could only imagine. I can give to my man everything he needs, a real happiness or even fairytale in which we?ll live in love, respect and harmony.
Looking For: I would like to meet a 27-48 aged man, who?s already formed as personality and as a man, who?s ready for commitments and new relationship. I need a man who knows his own worth, who?s able to make decisions and to achieve his aims. He should totally be a strong person, bur necessarily with a sense of humor. I want my man to be temperamental, passionate and generous. A man who loves to pamper his beloved woman and to carry her in his strong arms. I don?t want to find a prince or an ideal man, I just want to find mine the only one whom I will love with all his advantages and disadvantages. ?Cause if you love someone, you will love his disadvantages as well. But if you don?t love, even his advantages will be annoying for you.
The third largest city in Ukraine is also one of the most culturally significant in the region. Dnipropetrovsk is a bustling metropolis which has played a great role in the nation's history and continues to stand out as a thriving community. Located on the Dnieper River, Dnipropetrovsk was once a closed city due to its military and scientific industry. This changed in the 1990's when it was once again reopened to visitors from all over the globe. Not only does the city have a wonderful history but it also has no lack of entertainment for both tourists and locals alike.<br /> Dnipropetrovsk has a rich history that stretches back almost 100,000 years ago when the Cumans first inhabited the area. To this day there is a museum featuring amazing stone works of art from these ancient people, a historically and culturally important landmark for visitors to see. During the height of the Cold War the city was the center of the Russian Space Program as well as various ballistic missile bases. Because of this, Dnipropetrovsk was a closed city until the 1990's. <br /> Today there are a numerous things to see in this great city. Opera houses and Museums are of course always available, but there are also several remarkable parks for one to enjoy on a beautiful day. Next to the Museum of History and the Diorama for the "Battle for the Dnieper River", the large Taras Shevchenko Park is the perfect place to see all that Dnipropetrovsk has to offer. One must also not forget Monastyrsky Island, which was host to a large Byzantine monastery built by monks in the 9th century. For those looking for more modern accommodations there are also cafes, restaurants, clubs, and of course a wonderful beach to enjoy. <br /> Dnipropetrovsk has been called home by a great many famous people throughout the world. Boris Sagal, Olympic Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul, Victor Kravchenko, NFL Defensive Tackle Igor Olshansky, and many other Dnipropetrovsk natives are well known throughout the region. The city is also home to thousands of beautiful Ukrainian women, many of whom can be found right on our site. Take some time to learn about this wonderful place, you might be surprised what you find. <br />
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