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Symbolized by the Virgin, Virgo is the sign of analytical reasoning and practicality. With a knack for organization and efficiency, this sign is a stickler for details. Virgoans are perfectionists to the extreme, having little time to relax and even less patience for incompetence. However, Virgo has an incredible sense of duty, proving to be a loyal and conscientious worker. This fastidious sign harbors lofty expectations that often result in bouts of unhappiness when its exacting standards are not met. Loyal and generous friends, Virgoans will neglect their own needs for those of others. They may also shy away from intimate contact. Virgoans can benefit from lowering their mile-high standards and realizing that "to error is human"
Calm and captivating, Tigers are born leaders. A Tiger's main priority is to follow its ambitions and maintain control. Mood swings and intense feelings are not uncommon in this sign's every day life. Tigers can react poorly under stress and are prone to emotional outbursts during such times. Tigers are extremely courageous; as a result, they usually emerge victorious from their battles. If there is one trait the Tiger is known for, it's an overwhelming power of seduction. Gracious and warm-hearted, they have a natural, raw appeal that's extremely attractive to other signs. To gain the most from life, these noble felines must find their comfort zone and direct their efforts toward worthwhile endeavors. The most compatible match for a Tiger is the Horse or the Dog.
Profile ID: 431572 
Age: 34
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 117 lbs.
City: Bakhchisarai
Country: Ukraine
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Religion: Christian
English Skill: Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation)
Drinks: No
Smokes: No
Primary Career: Stilist
Marital Status: Never Been Married
Children: None
Wants Children: Yes
About Me: I am pretty girl, I have a calm character and good sense of humor. I am very kind, sensitive, sincere, honest and passionate. I have positive way of thinking and even in bad things I can find something good. I was raising in very loving, friendly and firm family. My parents for me are a wonderful example of love that never end. I adore to bathe in the sea, to look at the night sky, to travel in different interesting places. I wish to love and be loved!
Looking For: I wish to meet a real man near whom it is easy to me to be oneself. He must be active, courageous, clever, with sense of humour and skill to enjoy a life. I dont need a boy, I dream about skilled man with whom I will create happy family, our small world for two.
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<div><br/><span class='question'>What would you like to know about Santa Claus?</span><br/><span class='answer'>Why is it that Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) has the beautiful Snow Maiden (Snequrochka) along his side for company and to help him deliver presents to good boys and girls, but Santa Claus is alone and without help? It seems that Santa Claus’s job could become very lonely on his sleigh ride from house to house and no one to share it with.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What does Christmas mean to you?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I believe that Christmas is the brightest holiday of the year. On that day I meet with my entire family. We will celebrate well into the night with wonderful foods and good conversations. I think Christmas must be spent encircled by your family. This is when you learn more about each other and the day is focused on warm thoughts and the love only a family can give.<br /> <br /> </span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What is your favorite holiday food? Do you do the cooking?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I love to cook, and especially at Christmas time. My favorite to prepare and enjoy is uzvar. This is a tasty drink made with many kinds of dried fruit. I think what makes it so special is that it is only served at Christmas time. It is very refreshing to enjoy.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What do you want Santa Claus/Ded Moroz to bring you this year?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I would like to find my soul mate. And I want for us to celebrate the next Christmas together and never be apart.</span></div>
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