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Symbolized by the Archer, Sagittarius is the nomad of the Zodiac. Optimistic and open-minded, this sign is in constant search of new places and fresh faces. This innate restlessness can sometimes result in an avoidance of commitments, and an inconsistent or unreliable character. Lovers of nature and freedom, Sagittarians have a cheerful outlook on life. They value a welcoming home environment, and can make for witty conversationalists whose humor is downright infectious. Sagittarians can benefit from admiring the grass on their side of the fence every now and then.
Powerful, dependable, and possessing an inherent ability to accomplish much, the Ox is a born leader. They are dedicated workers who are detail-oriented and believe in efficiency. Introverted by nature, Oxen are often lonely and unable to connect with others. But once their outer shell is penetrated, they prove to be tender and affectionate companions who are protective and reliable. In the real world, the Ox is often stubborn and assertive, choosing to steam ahead rather than back down. Preferring to do what's in their best interest, they refuse to be bothered with what other people think. In order to find true love, Oxen must overcome a judgmental nature that prohibits them from getting close to others. The most compatible match for an Ox is the Snake or the Rooster.
5' 5"
106 lbs.
Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation)
Social worker
Never Been Married
It’s not that easy to write about me despite that fact, that I really love writing and it’s one of my favourite hobbies, it helps me to express my feelings and ideas in such a playing form. Though, I’m pretty critic to myself and rather prefer people around me objectively to mark my good and bad character traits. So, I’ve made kind of experiment asking my male and female friends how can they describe me in few words. And that is who I am by the eyes of other people: Definitely clever, charming, sincere and optimistic friend, beautiful, active, a bit sharp but delightful, with an ideal taste and with own eccentric opinion regarding everything. So, that’s how people see me, always as a strong person. I hope it’s true. But I must add something that doesn’t look so obvious, because it’s not for everyone and anyone, it’s deeply inside me: it’s my dreams and good fantasy, it’s my optimism and searching for a better life, my passion and loving heart for a deserving person. Plenitude of feeling of life is too important to me, that’s why I’ve chosen my work, where I can use all my enthusiasm and learn something new every day. I’m a social worker. I like to communicate with so different people, knowing new histories of life, helping and feeling that my job is useful for someone, that I’m not just going to office, accomplishing just some ordinary actions, but living with my work. I guess, I’m pretty open-minded and have many things that I’m interested in.
My man…mmmm, my man is a person who really knows what he wants in his life and who always get it. A man, who is smart, funny, successful, who can take care of me and treat me like a queen. A man, who always guess my desires and is able to carry responsibility for his actions. A man, which I can be proud of.
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<div><br/><span class='question'>Why have you decided to search for love online?</span><br/><span class='answer'>In our contemporary world, where dating on-line is a very popular concept, I think it is almost the same as meeting a man in a museum or on the street. But this is far safer to meet on an “internet street” and it gives the opportunity to know the person from different angles of themselves.<br /> <br /> <i><b>What things would you like a man to tell you about himself when emailing you for the first time?</i></b><br /> I would like for him to tell me about his family, as it is very important for to know me how he interacts with his family. And, of course, about things he likes and doesn't like. I also wouldn't mind to hear his compliments and the reason why he chose to write to me.<br /> <br /> <i><b>What do you look forward to seeing in photos on a man’s profile?</i></b><br /> I would like to see him with the people he likes; maybe with a pet. I prefer to see the photos from his everyday life, not the masterpieces of photographers.<br /> </span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>Share with us about your life and family...</span><br/><span class='answer'>I like to wake up with a good song playing on the radio. I do some exercises to begin my day. Then I go to work, where I work in social services for children. I have many different things to do, and one of my favorite obligations is to have classes with the children. I teach art and the history of art. <br /> <br /> I am a person with an artistic mind, and I have many hobbies – painting, dancing, poetry, psychology. But my favorite hobby is enjoying my life. I have a lot of friends. All of them are different, so in our meeting we can do a lot of different things; it is never boring. For me, friends are the people I feel the most comfortable around, even to sit in silent. But for me to sit in silent is very rare, only if I am in the cinema, and sometimes I still cannot be quiet! My friends and I also like to travel or to have little parties together.<br /> <br /> </span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What are you looking for in a man?</span><br/><span class='answer'><i><b> What do you find most appealing in a man?</i></b><br /> I like an honest man. One who doesn't play games in his life with other’s feelings. Someone I can rely on and feel safe and happy around.<br /> <br /> <i><b>What do you find appealing about meeting a man from another country?</i></b><br /> I think men from another country are more serious and family-oriented. They know what they want; they are more gentlemanlike than men from my country.<br /> <br /> <i><b>What about income? Is wealth important to you? </i></b><br /> I think happiness is not in the mere possession of money, so I am a happy person and it doesn't depend on if I am wealthy or not.</span></div>
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