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Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini possess bright, quick minds. Intelligent and curious, they constantly adopt new activities; but due to their restless nature, this can lead to a waste of energy and lack of application. Fortunately for Gemini, they are quick to adapt to their surroundings, often controlling the world around them by means of their clever ingenuity. Inconsistent decision makers, Gemini have a difficult time deciding between one or the other. Since they are prone to dishonest tendencies, including infidelity in relationships, Gemini's attempts at morality are often thwarted. This is not to say that they aren't affectionate, generous, and thoughtful. Gemini can benefit from caging those wandering eyes and finding some direction in life.
The Dragon, a bright and resolute sign, knows exactly what it wants and will exercise everything in its power to attain it. One of the most powerful and lucky signs, the Dragon exudes a genuinely charming charisma and is often the center of attention in social situations. While its ego can sometimes serve as a stumbling block, power is what the Dragon craves, and for good reason; dragons are opportunists, continuously searching for ways in which to strengthen their clout. To benefit from a more relaxed approach to life, Dragons should embody the principles of compassion and tolerance, and learn to balance their endeavors with an appreciation for the little things. The most compatible match for a Dragon is the Monkey or the Rat.
Profile ID: 503356 
Age: 33
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
City: Rivne
Country: Ukraine
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Religion: Christian
English Skill: Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation)
Other Languages German  
Drinks: Occasionally
Smokes: No
Primary Career: declarant
Marital Status: Never Been Married
Children: None
Wants Children: Yes
About Me: I am feminine in everything, kind, tender and caring person. I was educated well and I know how to be manner in any situation. Also, I can be called clever woman, because I always think twice before to do something. Actually I am weak and need protection, and I hope that my future partnerhusband will give me these. I have many friends and I have good sense of humor which helps me to communicate with people. I love nature and I like to spend time outdoors.
Looking For: I hope to find happiness with a clever and reliable man. My ideal man is self confident, purposeful, optimistic and mature person. I would like him to be kind, attentive, caring, well-mannered man with a good sense of humor. He should serious in his intentions to find a right lady and create a happy family. I would like him to appreciate not only my appearance but my inner world as well. He should also be goal-oriented, self-established, not greedy and narrow-minded. He should know how to treat a lady.
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<div><br/><span class='question'>What is your idea of a perfect date?</span><br/><span class='answer'>A perfect date for me is with a caring and tender man. I would like us to have supper in a quiet and cozy restaurant. I think it would be nice to talk and get to know each other better. I would like him to invite me to dance. After that, I would like to have a walk in the park and go on a merry-go-round ride. I think it can bring so many good feelings. It would be nice if he approached and hugged me to make me feel warmer. I like when a man is attentive.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What do you like to do for fun?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I like to take my bicycle and ride somewhere I do not know and discover some new places; I like to play with my cat; I like to dance most of all, it always brings me some additional strength and cheers me up; I like to sail the high speed boat. I would say that it does not matter what you are doing, it is more important what person you do it with.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be? </span><br/><span class='answer'>If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to different exotic islands. I like the sea most of all and always try to go there for my vacation. I find the exotic islands charming and so peaceful. They are like a piece of heaven on Earth. I especially like the Maldives, Tahiti, Hawaii and Mauritius.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What do you do for work? What do you like about it?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I work as a declarant. The thing I like about it is that I deal with a lot of papers and everything depends on me. I am a responsible lady and always do everything in time. I like to deal with different documents, to edit them, to search something and get to know something new. I know that it can seem boring for some but I think that it is most important to like your job. It is what I like to do and I never feel bored during a working day.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What should we know about you that we'd never think to ask about?</span><br/><span class='answer'>Every night before going to sleep, I ask the next day to bring me my destiny, my sweetheart.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What's your biggest goal in life right now? </span><br/><span class='answer'>The biggest goal in my life right now is to create a family. As I have realized myself in different fields, I feel ready to take such a responsibility and to become a loving wife for my man. I think it is the most important thing in every lady's life. I want to have woman's happiness in my life.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What kinds of things really make you laugh?</span><br/><span class='answer'>The kinds of things that really make me laugh are animals, I think they are the cutest creatures in our world and they can be so funny. They are our friends and always feel us. Also I can laugh at myself, I am not afraid of it, I often have some funny situations in my life.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What would be your dream honeymoon? </span><br/><span class='answer'>I think when you are in love, you always live in a dream. My dream honeymoon is somewhere no one can find us. We can just get lost in our love and enjoy each other. It can be a little island with picturesque places, where we can easily forget all about the world. I would like us to swim under the stars and kiss as long as we can. I want my man to hold my hand and never let me go anywhere alone. I want us to have a lot of sleepless nights filled with romance and love.</span></div>
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