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Symbolized by the Fish, Pisces is mild mannered and content to "go with the flow". Known for their adaptability, Pisceans possess creative, intuitive minds. This serves them well as the average Pisces has extraordinary artistic talent. Pisces is known for its sensitive, empathetic nature. Self-sacrificing, this sign puts others' needs before its own, often being taken advantage of as a result. Pisces will respond with the utmost sympathy and tact toward any suffering it encounters. Pisceans can benefit from standing up for themselves and being more selective with those they help.
Monkeys tend to be the most outgoing of the signs. Charismatic and lively, they welcome activity and stimulation of all sorts. Harboring an upbeat attitude and bright mind, the Monkey prefers to be knowledgeable on many fronts, and they're not afraid to show off their gray matter. Lacking strict morals, Monkeys enjoy pursuing their own pleasure, whether it be manifest in relationships or their everyday lives. This makes for an exciting lover, but a lover that is prone to unfaithfulness as well. Fixated with their own desires, Monkeys sometimes overindulge in food, alcohol, and other pleasures. To fully benefit from the world around them, Monkeys should realize others' needs before their own and exercise some self-control. The most compatible match for a Monkey is the Rat or the Dragon.
Profile ID: 495744 
Age: 29
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 121 lbs.
City: Lugansk - Learn More about Lugansk!
Country: Ukraine
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Religion: Christian
English Skill: Elementary (Speaks only a little, has limited vocabulary) - Needs Translation
Other Languages Russian  
Drinks: No
Smokes: No
Primary Career: Singer
Marital Status: Never Been Married
Children: None
Wants Children: Yes
About Me: I want to be completely honest. I have lots of good features of character. I am sociable and I like to meet new people. I prefer to be tolerant and understanding, but I will always have my point of view. At first sight I seem to be strong and determined, but it is just a cover, because I have to be strong being without man, who can make me feel what it is to be fragile, protected and loved. I am responsible and I am not afraid of work and I know that people need to work on relationship. I want to listen to my man and I want to know all his needs. I am punctual and I am sure because of this I dont want to delay my happiness. I have a simple dream, and simultaneously this dream is the main for me. I dream to start a strong and passionate relationship with one special man and I decided not to be limited by the borders of my country. I treasure a relationship, but not possessions. Every day I think about lots of things, but I finally want to feel. Singing is one of my passions! People, who know me, tell that I have a wonderful voice, and of course I hope that they are not just flatterers. I like it from childhood and till this time. I would like to sing something beautiful to my man and I hope I will have such a wonderful moment in my life. I take part in many song contest and had a lot of first places!:
Looking For: I am looking for a man who already knows what he wants. Of course I dream to be with a man who knows what it is to be faithful and reliable. I prefer not to have any standards on my mind, because I know that it is not right. You never know who can be good for you, and you cant know when you can be mistaken. There will always be people wholl hurt you, so you need to continue trusting, just be careful. This is my way of thinking. I hope you understand me. I dont give up. I dont know how my man can look like, I dont know how old he can be and what he can be preoccupied with, but I know that he is somewhere and I hope well meet each other very soon.
On the southeastern tip of Ukraine you can find the wonderful city of Lugansk. The city itself has always been the hub of industry in Ukraine and as time progresses it continues to share with the world the many wonderful things it has to offer. With a population of only about 500,000, a lucky visitor can find some of the most beautiful Ukrainian women within the city's borders. <br /> The city of Lugansk started in 1795 when a wealthy British industrialist built a metal factory on the grounds. This relatively small push from an outsider helped create an industrial center that continues to thrive to this very day. In 1882 Lugansk finally received the official status of being a city and was heavily utilized by the Soviets for its industrial capabilities. <br /> Though primarily a working-class city, Lugansk has much to offer for the casual visitor. Philip's Cathedral is one such place to visit. This is the place where Philip of Luhansk is said to have seen the Virgin Mary and found inspiration in the vision to go out and heal the sick. Lugansk also has a very entertaining circus where audience interaction is key to the enjoyment of the show. Visitors are also encouraged to visit the May Day Park, where one can ride the giant Ferris Wheel and take in an amazing view of the entire city. For those who are looking for a more lively atmosphere there are also numerous cafes and restaurants to chose from while walking the city streets. <br /> Lugansk is a wonderful city full of vibrant, beautiful ladies. Those who take a little time to prepare for the trip will most certainly not be disappointed. <br />
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