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Symbolized by the Scorpion, Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign. With deep running sensitivity, Scorpios are prone to emotional outbursts and quick to detect injury (often when none was intended). Possessing immense willpower, Scorpios will fight vigorously to reach their desired goal. They make loyal friends and are very supportive of those who give them emotional security. Scorpios can benefit from learning to laugh at themselves.
Powerful, dependable, and possessing an inherent ability to accomplish much, the Ox is a born leader. They are dedicated workers who are detail-oriented and believe in efficiency. Introverted by nature, Oxen are often lonely and unable to connect with others. But once their outer shell is penetrated, they prove to be tender and affectionate companions who are protective and reliable. In the real world, the Ox is often stubborn and assertive, choosing to steam ahead rather than back down. Preferring to do what's in their best interest, they refuse to be bothered with what other people think. In order to find true love, Oxen must overcome a judgmental nature that prohibits them from getting close to others. The most compatible match for an Ox is the Snake or the Rooster.
5' 5"
110 lbs.
Dark Brown
Fluent (Speaks fluently, although may speak with an accent)
Never Been Married
I'm just a simple, romantic, family-oriented woman, who's very mature despite her age! I do believe in miracles and my miracle is a strong relationship, full of love, happiness and harmony! I'm sure a couple should have a chemistry between them in order to have success in future! Love, faith, tenderness and tasty food is what I'm ready to provide my man with!
I need a partner who believes in the same miracle as I do! I see him as a real, experienced man who can fulfil my body and soul desires! I do value a person with an inner beauty as it creates an outer one! The one who can make our love adventure last a lifetime; the one who can make my heart beat faster; the one who can make me fly without wings - that is the kind of a man I seek!
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