Sending Emails

Members can access our email messaging system from several areas of the web site. The easiest and most direct way to email a lady is to click on the email icon located in her profile. Then, simply type the subject and message and click "Send."

If you want to add an attachment, check the "Add Attachment" box located in the upper right-hand corner of the email window before sending the message. After clicking send, you will be prompted to browse for the file you wish to attach.

Note: You must have pictures posted in your profile if you wish to use the attachment function. The add attachment option will not appear until after your profile pictures have been approved and formatted.

You can also send emails from your BlackBook. Your BlackBook will remain empty until you satisfy at least one of the following three requirements. You must either: add a lady to your Favorites, send her an email, or be admired by her. Depending upon which circumstance unfolds, her profile card will then be displayed in the appropriate dropdown menu of your BlackBook. To send an email to someone in your BlackBook, simply click on the email icon located in her profile box in the left-hand column of your BlackBook. Then, type the subject and message and click "Send."

Introduction Email Editor

The Introduction Letter Editor allows you to save your standard introduction letter to our database, eliminating the need to cut and paste it each time you wish to send it. Click the “i” icon in any lady’s profile card to get started.

Managing Emails

New info coming soon!