5' 8" (173 cm) 
115 lbs (52 kg) 
Are We Compatible? Gemini 
Are We Compatible? Dragon 
Dark Brown 
Elementary (Speaks only a little, has limited vocabulary) - Needs Translation 
Never been married 
It is not polite to talk a lot about yourself but I can characterize my personality with many words. I am many-sided person with many talents and characteristics. I seriously take my responsibilities, never stop on my way and do my best to succeed. If you know me closer you can firmly say that in relations I am very touchy, sensitive, loving and caring person. I am very dreamy and sincere. I like romantic evenings, films and songs about love as all girls do. We can go to a disco together or dine out in some unique places talking and listening to soul music. I am very creative in relations. I love to amaze my close people with presents and delicious dishes. I have got lots of friends. It is because I am very kind-hearted, tolerant to people. I am open for communication I smile at people and try to help them in troubles.
It is usually difficult to understand what you want in men especially at my age. But I know for sure that I respect strong-willed, courageous guys with steel character and firm decisions, those who can anytime stand their ground and protect their family. I want to see a bread-winner near me but who allows his woman to develop and have some occupations for earning money or pastime, a loving and caring person, easy-going and good-humored guy with a kind heart. At this period of my life I am completely ready for serious long-term relationship and getting married. I want my man to be my friend, my lover, my master at the same moment. I would like to get to know with a successful respectful guy who has similar ideals of life and who is ready to be happy and wants to make happy his woman. I hope, you are this guy and we will find our mutual language…
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