5' 8" (175 cm) 
130 lbs (59 kg) 
Are We Compatible? Taurus 
Are We Compatible? Rabbit 
Dark Brown 
Poor (Can only read/write with the help of a Dictionary) - Needs Translation 
I consider myself as a kind, calm, and demure personality. My balance helps me overcome all life situations. I am very cheerful, associative young lady, who is very tender, gentle and family-oriented. I am richly furnished, cultured and educated person. I like to try and open something interesting and new in my life. But none is ideal and I am not an exception. I think sometimes I am too trustful and ingenuous. So my intuition and insight always come to mine help. I am very penetrating, compassionate and sensitive. I think that will make me the best wife for a confident man. I am a very all-round person who takes an interest in different spheres of life. I like to fallow on the novelty of fashion, music, cinema. I am fond of traveling, because it gives a real chance to see new places and learn other cultures, customs and traditions. I enjoy spending time with my son, walking to the park, visiting skating rink and pool. I also take delight in reading, playing tennis, watching figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics. From time to time I spend weekends outside the city and breath fresh air with a great pleasure, nature inspires me with high energy. We have only one life and should live it to the fullest.
I want to create a firm alliance with a very strong personality who is safe and reliable, but at the same moment may be incredibly tender, gentle and caring. I would like to wake up, feel his hand under a head, his strong and gentle embraces, his warmth and care. I?m eager to go on life hand in hand with my beloved man and everything we shall go through, overcome, stand and gain with a belief in each other, with gentle touch of our lips. I need my other half. I have faith you will be a kind, cheerful and easygoing person with positive outlook and fine sense of humor.
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