5' 8" (173 cm) 
123 lbs (56 kg) 
Are We Compatible? Taurus 
Are We Compatible? Dragon 
Elementary (Speaks only a little, has limited vocabulary) - Needs Translation 
Never been married 
I am a girl full of adventure and curiosity. Life has given us a wonderful opportunity: to enjoy it! I try to make good from everything. I do not like to sit at one place, I promise you will never be bored with me! Motion, optimism, clear aims and goals, that is what go thought life. I like biking, running, playing badminton, skiing, climbing, swimming, water polo and dancing. I think love is complicated in its nature, and it is so difficult to define it clearly. I think it is constituted of three attractions of love. It is attraction of mind, heart and body. Attraction of mind is the basis of mutual respect, attraction of heart gives devoted friendship, and attraction of body gives birth to passionate desire. Love is the attraction of both mind, heart and body altogether. I have traditional family values and in future I want to be the best wife and mother, and trust me, I will do my best for that, as I believe that a woman is the keeper of home fire. I have such romantic nature, I like to be womanish and I am not afraid to show my weakness as a womans one. But do not think that can not be firm when necessary. I will be a support for my husband when needed, a passionate wild lover at night and a wonderful housewife in the daytime.
I am looking for a wise, stable, committed, intelligent, compassionate, and kind person with a fine sense of humor and positive attitude to life. I want him to be sensual and attentive, strong-minded and faithful, and to lead a healthy lifestyle. He should be ready to share many activities with his woman, to make fun together and explore both souls and bodies of each other with mutual pleasure. I do not and will not change him. I want him just to be himself.
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