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Symbolized by the Goat, Capricorns are conservative and career oriented. Taking much stock in advancement and recognition, this sign is one to be counted on, hard working and reliable. Capricorns value accuracy and are always practical, with a great sense for economics. A lackluster and structured lifestyle can often be their downfall, making Capricorns predictable and sometimes even dull. They often suppress their feelings beneath a cool and collected guise. This sign worries excessively about the future, often missing out on the present. Capricorns can benefit from letting down their hair and finding some excitement in their lives.
Monkeys tend to be the most outgoing of the signs. Charismatic and lively, they welcome activity and stimulation of all sorts. Harboring an upbeat attitude and bright mind, the Monkey prefers to be knowledgeable on many fronts, and they're not afraid to show off their gray matter. Lacking strict morals, Monkeys enjoy pursuing their own pleasure, whether it be manifest in relationships or their everyday lives. This makes for an exciting lover, but a lover that is prone to unfaithfulness as well. Fixated with their own desires, Monkeys sometimes overindulge in food, alcohol, and other pleasures. To fully benefit from the world around them, Monkeys should realize others' needs before their own and exercise some self-control. The most compatible match for a Monkey is the Rat or the Dragon.
Profile ID: 494569 
Age: 29
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 121 lbs.
City: Vinnitsa - Learn More about Vinnitsa!
Country: Ukraine
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Religion: Christian
English Skill: Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation)
Drinks: Occasionally
Smokes: No
Primary Career: n/a
Marital Status: Never Been Married
Children: None
Wants Children: Yes
About Me: I am a hopeless optimist, debonair, funny, rapt with my work and hobbies. My life is a swirl of surprises. Not a single day without meeting new people, looking for new ideas, finding myself and my own place in this Universe. I am an active person with analytic mentality. I like setting new goals and achieving them. People call me a life of the party. I easily set contact with people, conflicts are unladylike to me. My best pastime on vacation is going for a journey to different towns or countries and cognition of cultures and practices. I value friendship and warm family relations. I love Autumn, rain, coffee with cinnamon, warm blanket, letters in envelopes, daisies and simply to smile.
Looking For: I am prior to raising a family. I intend to find an independent, reliable, understanding and caring man whom I would shed the tears of joy and happiness with, who would be my column throughout life and who would be the best father in the world for my children. My ideal man is the one who would be able to share with me my interests, who would help me up in my initiatives. Such a man attracts my mind and soul. I dream of a union of two achievers, two halves of one whole, devoted to each other with all the fibers of their hearts. My idea of a perfect relationship is that there should be mutual commitment, respect and trust between two people who have decided to devote themselves to raising a family. I hope to find a man whose intentions concerning married life ideally match mine and who would want to share the happiness with me till death do us part.
On the banks of the Southern Buh River you can find the historic city of Vinnytsia. The city is the Administrative center of the Vinnytsia Oblast in Ukraine and is considered to be a major industrial center of the country. Vinnytsia is also a city rich in history which can be enjoyed by all those willing to make the fascinating journey. <br /> <br /> Vinnytsia is also known as Vinnitsa in Russian and Vinnica in Polish. It is located about 260 km from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and roughly 429 km from Odessa. Vinnytsia has been an important trade and political center in Ukraine since the 16th century. The city has also played an important role in both the Cossack wars as well as WWII. Since 1992 Vinnytsia has been the home of the Ukrainian Air Force Command, which has helped the city's economy greatly by creating jobs for locals in the area. <br /> <br /> There are numerous sights to enjoy when visiting this beautiful city, not the least of which are the beautiful women who live and work in the area. Vinnytsia is home to the largest Evangelical Church Buildings in all of Europe. It is also where visitors can see the Afghan War Museum and Slavic War Memorial Park, both of which pay homage to the men and women who had fought in both conflicts. An eternal flame burns in front of the statues of WWII soldiers in Memorial Park.<br /> <br /> When looking for a great place to visit in Ukraine, don't let Vinnytsia's small size fool you. There are plenty of amazing attractions to enjoy and more than likely you'll fall in love with this beautiful city. <br />
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