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Symbolized by the Lion, Leo is the most dominant of all the signs. Born leaders, Leonians are ambitious, outgoing, and strong willed. Yet, their lust for power can sometimes turn these spontaneous extroverts into overbearing dictators. With a propensity toward self-worship, the vain Leo exudes confidence and likes to showoff. Their radiant personality serves to influence and inspire all in their midst. In their private lives, Leonians are warm and affectionate. Leo can benefit from relinquishing center stage every once in a while so someone else can bask in the spotlight.
The transient Horse lives for the open road, reveling in its sojourns with the energy of a mighty stallion. Horses crave love and intimacy. Yet, relationships present themselves as a cruel catch-22, making the Horse feel trapped and confined. Fortunately, fresh love connections are always within reach, as this sign exudes the kind of natural sex appeal that others find irresistible. Given to random fancies, Horses tend to lose sight of the big picture, resulting in a trail of unfinished business. Ironically though, this sign is skilled at motivating those around it. Possessing poise and a commanding presence, the Horse can stimulate a crowd with ease. Once it finds some inner peace, the Horse can curb that wandering soul and learn to appreciate what's on its side of the fence. The most compatible match for a Horse is the Dog or the Tiger.
Profile ID: 523043 
Age: 31
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 97 lbs.
City: Kyiv
Country: Ukraine
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Religion: Christian
English Skill: Intermediate (Able to correspond via email, struggles with live conversation)
Drinks: No
Smokes: No
Primary Career: gymnast, secretary
Marital Status: Never Been Married
Children: None
Wants Children: Yes
About Me: I am very simple, and very girlish. I cannot live without someone, cannot be independent, I am not modern woman. I like myself and like the way I look, I like to take photos of myself. I like cooking and taking care of my house.
Looking For: Someone who will give me wings to fly
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<div><br/><span class='question'>Why have you decided to search for love online?</span><br/><span class='answer'>Lately, I haven’t searched for love only on the Internet. But it's been impossible to find a husband among my surroundings. All the decent men I’ve met were married or they didn't intend to get married at all, and this didn't suit me. I like a lot that men on this website really are interested in marriage and creation of family. I think the fact that we want the same things leads me to internet love search.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What is the most exciting part of online dating?</span><br/><span class='answer'>One of the most exciting parts of online dating is that we are so far from each other but despite this, one can sense the person with the help of online video and chat. This helps us to get in touch emotionally, gives the possibility to be emotionally closer to the person, despite the thousands of kilometers between us.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What do you find most appealing in a man?</span><br/><span class='answer'>Most of all I'm attracted to men who are masculine, who know how to be men and how to make a woman to feel like a lady. Maybe it sounds odd, but this is very important, because a woman needs care from a man from time to time. She needs a strong shoulder and support. And a woman will give her warmth in response. Only a happy woman is able to make the life of a man like a fairy tale.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>Why have you chosen to seek a husband from another country?</span><br/><span class='answer'>It is not so important where a man comes from but his personal qualities. There are some peculiarities, for example – I like that men from abroad are more serious towards themselves. It is important to me that a man will value my care about him. All these little things seem to be not evident but they play a very important role in relationships. Foreign men are attractive to me because they value things a woman does for them and give the same in response. And if all affords are not vain and give joy and happiness to a man, I want to care and love him even more.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What is your idea of a perfect date?</span><br/><span class='answer'>My ideal date consists of two parts. First part is more peaceful. It is for conversation in a peaceful surrounding. It seems to be easy, but it is very important to be able just to speak to a person and to be real and sincere. To feel comfort with each other is a pledge of understanding and further relationships. The second part of the date should be emotionally filled. It is possible to play games of chance for good mood or to compete in swimming in the pool. It gives the possibility to enjoy the fun and get an energy charge together.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?</span><br/><span class='answer'>Really I have a dream to travel the entire world with a beloved person… but this is for the future. Speaking about a particular place, after watching a lot of movies, I’d like to visit Las Vegas most of all. Because each person sometimes wants to have a lot of fun with his friends and a good rest in the city that is created for irrestrainable fun. Speaking about family travel, it is undoubtedly Disneyland in California. We all remain kids in our souls till our last day. And who will restrict us to be in childhood and have enough fun from time to time?</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What do you like to do for fun?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I like adventures in combination with active rest and sports. For example, in winter time I go in for ski with big pleasure. In summer time I like to play volleyball on the beach and to bathe in the cool sea with my friends. What can be more fun than to go in for sports all together? This is very funny and interesting. Also, I like to travel for fun and get to know new places as you discover something new and hidden from you.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What do you like to do for fun?</span><br/><span class='answer'>My favorite dish is a quiche with strawberries. I always loved it and once I decided to cook it by myself. From that day it became a favorite dish made by me for all my family. Homemade food is always more tasty than the food from the supermarket, that's why I always try to find time for making my favorite quiche with strawberries for my friends.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What do you do for work? What do you like about it?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I work as a secretary, a director's assistant. I'm satisfied with my job. Most of all I like to communicate with clever people. I'm getting an immense experience for my future life and getting to know a lot of different people. The name of my position seems to be simple, but in fact a director's assistant has to know everything, to be able to do everything in time, that is really a big responsibility. It is difficult, but I like to get through obstacles and the task that yesterday seemed to me unreal, today turned to be easy.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What is your family like?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I was born into a family of workers. My family consists of my mom, dad and senior brother. The head of our family is my dad; he is an electro systems engineer. I like my parents very much, but unfortunately they got divorced a decade ago. Frankly speaking, it is difficult for me to speak about this, because it was very hard for me. At the moment my parents got divorced, I had to become grown up. I became independent. My life made me, because my dad left us, and my mom had a deep depression. But this is life! And despite all the difficulties in my life, I’m still an optimist with faith in people.</span></div><div><br/><span class='question'>What should we know about you that we'd never think to ask about?</span><br/><span class='answer'>I have a technical kind of mind that's why I like mathematics and techniques. This means that I like to take down and assemble everything. And I intend to repair everything first, but often I break down it by myself. And then I repair it by myself.</span></div>
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