Even if you don’t believe in the zodiac or horoscopes, we all know there exists an inexplicable ‘human connection’ to astrology that can trace its origin back thousands of years!

While we agree that you couldn’t possibly categorize everyone within the twelve western zodiac signs, we DO however believe that by combining scientific data, advanced search criteria, bio-info, and a mix of western & eastern astrology into one compatibility algorithm, some inexplainable and exciting results are often achieved!

For instance, when we combine the twelve western zodiac signs (which all occur within one revolution of our sun) with the twelve revolutionary cycles that form the basis of the Chinese 12-year astrological calendar, we can identify one-hundred and forty-four (144) unique personas! If we toss in the five (5) elements (earth, water, fire, wood, & metal), the result can be expanded to seven-hundred & twenty (720) unique personalitiy types!

This may seem a little ‘abstract’ for some western men, but many eastern women like to believe in the concept of fate or destiny! So, when preparing a successful match-making recipe that appeals to the varied tastes of different cultures and genders, it makes sense to combine eastern and western ingredients to form the batter. Then stir in a cup of scientific algorithm, seventeen teaspoons of personalized Advanced Search crtiteria (to taste), a dash (or two) of physical attraction, bake for only two seconds, ...and Voila! The magical result is then served to order!

Whether you believe in Astrology or not… we’ll introduce you to an entire community of gorgeous ladies that will undoubtedly get your heart pounding! You can set-aside the ideological methodology until you‘re ready to put it to constructive use… say, as a conversation ‘opener’ when chatting with any one of our 17,500 exotic beauties!

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