See Her, Hear Her, and Enjoy!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then an Intro-Video on is worth a million! By watching an Intro-Video on a member’s profile, you will get to know the person on the other side of the profile more intimately.

While members may try to imagine a lady playing with a pet or preparing a delicious meal at home, chances are good that these imaginings aren’t very accurate. Thanks to the day-in-a life Intro-Videos, members are longer in the dark about their day-to-day activities. Such videos can help a member feel closer to his interest.

Members love to share their hobbies and passions in Intro-Videos. Dancing, singing, cooking, and knitting are just a few of the talents represented. Hobby videos are not only fun and entertaining, but they can also help members find women who share their interests.

Simple as it might be, hearing her voice for the first time is one of the biggest perks to watching an Intro-Video. No longer do members have to wonder what she sounds like when she speaks or laughs. Plus, many members enjoy hearing the ladies’ sexy Russian accents.

Profile videos also allow members to see a lady’s mannerisms and get a better idea about what she looks like in person.

Get to Know Her Better

Another reason that introduction videos are so helpful is that they help members narrow down their selection. With over 17,000 single ladies on it can be difficult to choose. Watching the introduction videos can help you decide if you want to send a particular lady an email or strike up a video chat.

Once you’ve made up your mind about which member you’re interested in, the information you’ve learned from the Intro-Video will give you more to talk about. Whether she shares more details about her life or demonstrates a favorite hobby, these exclusive glimpses are excellent conversation starters.

Intro-Videos add depth to the members seeking a connection on our site. There’s not down side to watching as many as you can.

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