Better than a ‘flirt’, ‘wink’ or ‘poke’, Intro-Letters™ allow for a more customizable and comprehensive way to show interest and, at the same time, give that member something much more interesting than a silly icon to look at!

Don’t you usually start conversations the same way? Isn’t the initial “getting to know you” phase similar for all new relationships? It is with this in mind that we created the Intro-Letter. Designed to save you time, Intro-Letters are templates available to all our members that allow them to automate the repetitive task of introducing themselves to potential matches.

Once you have searched through our database and have found a handful of ladies you’d like to get to know better, fire off your Intro-Letter and get the conversation going.

... and Start the Conversation

Your Intro-Letter is saved and can be edited on-the-fly, any time. You can quickly customize any part of it to give it a personalized feel. In your Intro-Letter you can talk about what you are looking for, what you enjoy doing and why you decided to email the lady. Just show her what you are about and get her interested!

All Premium Members get an Intro-Letter allotment every month included in their membership.

So go forth and cast as many nets as you’d like using your Intro-Letters. Don’t settle for a lame, generic icon to show your interest. But remember, it is the first impression she will have of you. Make it a good and positive one.

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