Express Your Desires in an Email

We provide the most genuine and effective service to correspond with single women.
Email is a great way to introduce yourself. It is also a way to take your time and express your exact feelings, without the pressure of real-time chat.

There are two types of emails: Intro-Letters™ and follow up emails. Intro-Letters are exactly that, template introduction emails that save you time in asking introductory questions.

With an Intro-Letter you can efficiently initiate conversations and ask “getting to know you” questions. They serve as an ice-breaker.

Tell Her What You Want in an Email

Follow up emails are the ones that you write to reply to what a lady writes to you.
After you read an incoming email, you will be able to continue the conversation in your follow up. All our Premium Membership packages include a free allotment of emails.

Also, with a Premium Membership, you are able to read all incoming email for free.

Some guys consider emails “old school” and prefer chatting. However, many men and women love the old-fashioned nature of a carefully-crafted love letter.

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