Focus on Results.
We’ll Keep Track of the Details.

With the BlackBook™, provides you with true contact management, making keeping track of conversations and details a highly-organized breeze!

Consider your BlackBook your own personal dating assistant. Not only will it help you remember who’s who, it also allows you to schedule events — like online chat dates or times when she is usually online — and attach notes to a profile. Never forget an important date or detail. Trust us, remembering her cat’s name and her favorite color will go a long way.

When emailing several members it’s easy to get confused. By utilizing your BlackBook, you can keep track of each member’s email history and know who wrote what. You’ll never be more than a click away from catching up on what you have emailed each other. Refer back to your email history and pick up exactly where you left off.

Never Forget Anything Ever Again.

BlackBook helps organize your interactions and systematize members you are fond of. Once you have found a member that piques your interest, you can add her to your Favorites. This saves you time by making her profile easy to find. If a lady in your Favorites also adds you to her Favorites, she will automatically appear in your Matches, signifying that there is a mutual attraction. You can then take the opportunity to send her an Intro-Letter™ or strike up a chat.

Not only do we help keep track of members that you are interested in, but also members who have an interest in you! If a member is interested in you and you haven’t added her to your Favorites, she will appear in your Admirers list. BlackBook saves members a lot of time and effort in their search making the whole experience less stressful.

Bad with dates? Not anymore. Your BlackBook also serves as an automated gift boutique where you can purchase a gift that’s sure to put a smile on her face. In addition, we provide you with our Birthday Notifications widget that reminds you when your Matches’ special days are coming up. Good communication is the cornerstone to a good relationship. Using the BlackBook, you’ll be able to stay on top of all the important details of your relationship, with minimal effort. Just one more way we make it easier to make a meaningful connection on our site.